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Science Teachers' Workshop

November 2020
Our online professional development courses are suitable for high school science teachers of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out, teaching in a new area, or have years of experience, our program has something for you.

We're excited to be offering the highly successful Science Teachers' Workshop again this year which will run across multiple science disciplines over a one-week period. These sessions will be run entirely online including live presentations, video recordings and open Q&A sessions.

23 Nov
24 Nov
25 Nov
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Outline of content

The Science Teachers’ Workshop days will be held in the week of 23-27 November 2020 with 1 day devoted to each discipline. Prices will be $220 (inc GST) per day. The final program schedule will be available in Term 3, displayed here and also emailed directly to those who reserve their place in our expression of interest link.

Below are the brief outlines of the content that we will cover for each discipline of the Science Teachers' Workshop.  


Science Teachers’ Workshop - Agriculture aims to provide teachers with practical and theoretical curriculum and teaching support for core and elective components of the HSC syllabus, as well as strategies that extend beyond the dot points. It will introduce teachers to some of the current research, practices and technologies being used and developed at the University of Sydney that will influence the agricultural sector.

The day will incorporate Indigenous perspectives and connections, will provide some new case studies for the Farming for the 21st Century and Agri-food, Fibre and Fuel Technologies electives, will consider what we have learned from shifting to an online mode of delivery for teaching and learning this year and we will highlight some extra programs such as show animals and citizen science. It will also provide an excellent opportunity for networking and learning from each other.

Sessions will be facilitated by Academic staff from University of Sydney schools that cut across the diverse range of disciplines that support the agriculture syllabus.


Science Teachers’ Workshop – Chemistry will provide a full day of learning for HSC Chemistry teachers to support the practical and theoretical curriculum, with a focus on providing a real-world context in the classroom and applying evidence-based pedagogies in school laboratories that extends beyond the dot points.

The day will include four segments, beginning with an overview of chemistry in current industrial practices in the form of a guest industry speaker. Our School of Chemistry academics will then present their current citizen science work supporting the eradication of malaria in the Breaking Good Project and what opportunities there are for your schools to get involved. The Chemistry Education team will share their pedagogical academic findings on how to help your students get the most out of their time in the lab. Our final session will aim to deepen your understanding of the spectroscopy syllabus areas (NMR, IR, UV-VIS, Mass Spectroscopy).


Science Teachers’ Workshop – Geography is a full day of learning that is focused on supporting the delivery of Geography curriculum in NSW schools. The day will be facilitated by academics from the School of Geosciences, using case studies from our region our workshops bring unique insights into our cutting edge research into contemporary global issues. The day will also provide Indigenous perspectives for the curriculum and allow for networking opportunities between teachers and academics in the discipline for an enriched day of learning.


Science Teachers’ Workshop - Mathematics will provide a full day of learning for HSC Mathematics teachers to extend their knowledge and understanding both within and beyond the curriculum.

We will focus on the use of technology to enhance mathematical understanding and aid free exploration of curriculum concepts, both for students and teachers. We will provide teachers with the tools to incorporate big data sets into their classroom statistics lessons, including in-depth knowledge of how to do analysis and visualisation. We will also explore new curriculum content such as network theory, and provide teachers with an enriched knowledge of how these concepts can be taught and explored.

Lesson plans and worksheets that can be used in the classroom environment will be provided. The sessions will feature talks by academics and other experts in mathematics pedagogy.


The Science Teachers’ Workshop will focus on the new HSC Syllabus and specific programs and techniques for online learning. As such, the program, will address key areas of the HSC Physics syllabus, new experiments and content, aiding them in teaching and engaging students, as well as coming to terms with the COVID-19 restriction on learning.

Topics covered will include some of the core HSC modules as well as workshops on lessons and experiments online and how to run them. Lectures will include a presentation on the recent developments in Physics. Activities will include a mixture of lecture, workshop and tutorial sessions delivered by academics and experts (supported by research students) in the School of Physics that will link the content and methodology directly to the Stage 6 syllabus.

Biology and Earth & Environmental Science - BeInspired STANSW

As the Science Teachers’ Association of New South Wales (STANSW) is holding their annual Biology, Earth and Environmental, Investigating Science conference, or BEEINS 2020 - BeInspired #BEEINSpired2020 on the 27 and 28 November 2020, the University of Sydney will be contributing content and expertise to the conference instead of holding our own workshops.

Our content will most likely include Biology and Earth and Environmental Science topics such as bushfires, CRISPR, viruses, and findings from our Amgen Biotech Experience program.

Financial assistance to attend

Teachers may apply to have their registration fees waived due to requiring financial assistance to attend the Science Teachers Workshop 2020.

Teachers applying for financial assistance must be:

  • Currently teaching in a NSW government identified Low Socio-Economic Status (LSES) high school
  • Currently teaching at HSC level in a relevant discipline i.e. biology, chemistry, physics, geography, earth and environmental science or agriculture
  • Able to attend the Science Teachers’ Workshop in November 2020

To apply for the Financial Assistance package please email

Terms and Conditions

  1. Financial assistance package will be given to your school. It is up to the school and individual teachers to arrange the split of funds.
  2. To assist the University of Sydney with it’s programs, successful applicants will be required to complete some pre-event and post-event feedback.

If you are not able to attend for unforeseen circumstances, your registration may be transferred to an alternative teacher from your school. You must notify us in writing not later than 2 weeks before the workshop.

2018 Program

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Caitlin Fisher

School Programs Officer