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Sydney Science Experience

Step One: Save the World

Employ real science through hands-on laboratory sessions and interactive lectures to investigate current solutions to climate change on campus in this fun-filled experience for high school students.

Grab your keep cups, your canvas bags and tree planting kits – we are on a mission!

If you're a natural problem solver and enjoy exploring a real-life environmental challenge from every angle, the Sydney Science Experience is the place you need to be in January.

Become climate change scientists for three days by learning about current global challenges we face and the technologies we have that enact real change. Each day will feature interactive labs and workshops which will detail a global challenge, what is currently being done about it, and together perform one positive action to combat the challenge. From biology to psychology to mathematics to chemistry… all our sciences are getting their hands dirty to save the world!

Science Experience events are held across Australia in association with participating universities and tertiary institutions, rotary clubs and with the support of the Young Scientists of Australia as well as the Australian Science Teachers Association and is administered by the Science Schools Foundation.

I wish to thank you, the team and the guest speakers for a well-organised, inspiring and informative science workshop. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to join future Science Alliance workshops.
Celine, Darlinghurst NSW

Event details

The next Sydney Science Experience program will be held in January 2021.

What happens at the Sydney Science Experience?

Students travel to our campus from across the state to become climate change scientists for three days. We are of course delighted to have so many students attend from rural and regional areas. 

Our climate change scientists will find themselves in a variety of hands-on workshops and laboratories investigating real-world environmental challenges and investigating current technology and solutions to these challenges first hand. Interactive lectures and guest speakers will be invited to give our climate change scientists a glimpse into present-day industries and organisations that specialise in environmental protection.

The final day wraps up with our climate change scientists summarising up what actions they have taken to fight climate change and closes with a special lecture and presentation of certificates which family and friends are welcome to join.

I want to express how much my grandson enjoyed his experience at the Sydney Science Experience 2020. Such experiences as were provided at the program are not available in our area.
Carmel, Hazelbrook NSW

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