students doing forensic work

Sydney Santos Science Experience

Holiday Forensic Science Days

Become forensic science detectives for three-days to solve an unusual crime on-campus. Learn new forensic science skills in our dry and wet labs, chat to STEM experts and analyse the evidence! Suitable for Year 9 & 10 students.

Calling all detectives! We need YOU to use forensic science and techniques to solve an unusual problem that starts out seemingly simple but will become a whole lot more ...complicated.

You and your fellow detectives will need to use our university wet and dry labs, meet our STEM experts and learn new forensic skills in microscopy, cyber security, chemical sample identification and electrical circuitry for starters. Together, we will get to the bottom of a weird situation and determine who is the guilty party and how they were committing their crimes.

Student register individually for this holiday program rather than with their school or class. Suitable for students in Year 9 & 10 in the year the program is held.

The Santos Science Experience events are held across Australia in association with participating universities and tertiary institutions, rotary clubs and with the support of the Young Scientists of Australia as well as the Australian Science Teachers Association and is administered by the Science Schools Foundation.

I wish to thank you, the team and the guest speakers for a well-organised, inspiring and informative science workshop. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to join future Science Alliance workshops.
Celine, Darlinghurst NSW

Event details

Date: Wednesday to Friday 20-22 January 2023, three days

Time: 8.30am-4pm

Cost: $190 per student (inc GST)

Suitable for: Year 9 & 10 students keen for holiday STEM activities. Registrations are individual and not by school or class.

Registrations are open now:

What happens at the Sydney Science Experience?

Students travel to our campus from across the state to become forensic scientists for three days. The program is held during the day on-campus at the University of Sydney and in our facilities. 

Our detectives will find themselves in a variety of hands-on workshops and laboratories investigating evidence for a crime and analysing the evidence to incriminate a guilty party by the end of the program. Interactive lectures and guest speakers will be invited to give our jack-of-all-trade STEM experts a glimpse into present-day industries and organisations that specialise in forensic analysis.

Ultimately, the Sydney Science Experience will offer students a way to explore their interest for STEM study pathways and careers with fellow keen beans their own age, and a great way to spend a few days during the school holidays!

I want to express how much my grandson enjoyed his experience at the Sydney Science Experience 2020. Such experiences as were provided at the program are not available in our area.
Carmel, Hazelbrook NSW