Studying in the School of Molecular Bioscience opens doors to an incredibly varied array of positions. The profiles of our former students will give you a taste of what is possible after majoring in either or both of the disciplines of Biochemistry and Microbiology, or studying the specialist degrees Bachelor of Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics or Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology & Genetics). Because the knowledge of our graduates is so useful to the world in which we live, excellent employment opportunities exist:

  • biotechology companies - in research to identify disease biomarkers, designing new drugs, screening drug candidates, diagnostics.
  • hospitals - as clinical scientists and nutritionists to patients and the general public.
  • pharmaceutical companies - in research, clinical trials, drug development and marketing.
  • government laboratories - at CSIRO, national laboratories, forensics laboratories.
  • government and commerce - science policy, regulation, patenting.
  • community/education - as consultants, dietitians and educators
  • horticulture and environmental industry - engineering new crops and plants, managing and developing waste disposal and recycling processes
  • food industry - as dietitians and in quality assurance
  • public relations - where scientific understanding is required
  • universities - academic careers and research in both basic and applied research in universities and spin-off companies
  • research institutions - focused applied research, e.g. at The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, The Westmead Millennium Institute

Seminar programs arranged by the School and in-industry programs for selected courses offer students first-hand interactions with potential employers prior to graduation.