The Great North Walk runs essentially from the centre of Sydney right up to Newcastle, some 300 km or so away. The 100 km or so that are within Sydney runs almost exclusively through National Parkland.

We headed off with a few hardy lab members for a 2-day walk on part of the trail - Between Roselands and Mt Kurringai, camping at Crosslands Reserve. Weather was great, although a touch nippy in the evening (it was July after all!).

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I'm not sure we needed to bring the rocket launchers! (36,245 bytes) Coming around the mountain when they come. (51,722 bytes) Looking down onto Berowra Creek (26,889 bytes)
We certainly had a good day for it. (39,661 bytes) A bit of foresty stuff (46,012 bytes) Great views from the top of the gorge - Berowra Creek below. (55,524 bytes)
Gum tree (47,370 bytes) Looking out again (34,537 bytes) Looking back towards our starting point. (39,364 bytes)
Ghostly gum (47,281 bytes) The creek near Crosslands reserve (28,691 bytes) Tent pitched - time for some food (14,282 bytes)

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