Kangaroo Valley Kayaking, '01

Kangaroo Valley is about 3 hours south of Sydney. A lab excursion took us down to hire kayaks on the river that runs through the valley with picnic lunch in tow. Was most enjoyable, although Dave and Fiona would probably have preferred i didn't tip them out of their kayak, and Kayesh and Imrana would probably also have preferred not to tip out! The highlight for me was the kayak hockey - nothing like a bit of competition and soaking!


[Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version and a caption]
Hmmm - less water at the rapids than we were hoping for... (43,416 bytes) A good day for it! Thats the way we are heading (downstream fortunately). (24,913 bytes)
Hang on - where's the motor?! (38,375 bytes) Just push my kayak in when you are all ready to go (30,556 bytes) This is easier than i thought it would be! (36,146 bytes)
And they are finally off... (32,615 bytes) Hey - watch that steering... (18,729 bytes) Very nice! (32,497 bytes)
I think the kayak hockey is about to get under way... (26,705 bytes) DCP00870.jpg (14,847 bytes) All over - i think Margaret might need a change of clothes. (32,446 bytes)
Chu - always trying to jump into the photos! (33,142 bytes)    


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