Does two years in a row make this an annual lab event - the day of kayaking on the Kangaroo River (about 2 h south of Sydney)? Well, either way, it was a most enjoyable day. It is very calming to float down silently down the river (well, except for the sound of Wendy issuing commands to her paddler, that is) and observe the river life.

The company that we have done this with both times also does an overnight option, where you can camp in between two fairly full days. I think we are keen to give that a go next time - there is a bit of gorge action in that trip i seem to remember the guy saying...

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Daniel thinking Belinda is looks a bit dubious about Daniel's sea legs... (38,685 bytes) And they're all off (in much the same way as last year). (36,804 bytes)
About 2 min into the trip, we have a log jam already! (28,988 bytes) The old A single tree. (19,195 bytes)
We're all *thinking* about getting up to throw a frisbee around after lunch... (27,088 bytes) Still thinking... (29,146 bytes) Hopefully we will still float after eating lunch... (40,886 bytes)
Wendy just letting the other person do the work. (35,039 bytes) Belinda's sea legs put to the test this time. (38,887 bytes)