The Megalong Valley is in the Blue Mountains - two hours west of Sydney. Amazingly, we didn't see a single other person the entire weekend!

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Heading off (54,579 bytes) Crossing Breakfast Creek (42,106 bytes) Looking up Breakfast Creek as we crossed (63,638 bytes)
The climb south out of the creek (62,306 bytes) A little flora (45,306 bytes) The old burned gum tree - an Aussie bush classic (42,612 bytes)
Relief at reaching camp (especially for the orange hat) - Mobbs Swamp (45,644 bytes) Hmmm - who is that orange hat...? (37,675 bytes) Looking out south from Splendour Rock (8,205 bytes)
More views from Splendour Rock (28,940 bytes) The fire master (51,992 bytes) Belinda must have slept funny - now she can't straighten her back...the walk home is going to be tough! (57,327 bytes)
Could be useful for the lab (68,175 bytes) Dave taking a sighting (33,758 bytes) Views to the south (17,174 bytes)
More southerly views (19,371 bytes) Fiona looking back towards the car... (19,897 bytes) Belinda practising for her Timotei audition in Cox's river (26,950 bytes)
Dave and Fiona reclining (28,383 bytes) The walk back up Breakfast Creek (29,597 bytes) The last hill! (43,847 bytes)

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