ANZMAG Conference, Dec. 2008

Joel, Ann, Robyn and Dave headed off to the Couran Cove resort on South Stradbroke Island (off the coast of Queensland just south of Brisbane) for the biennial conference of the Australian and NZ Society for Magnetic Resonance in the first week or so of December. First, several people from the lab attended a one-week workshop focusing on NMR theory, which was held at the University of Queensland and presented by a number of lecturers (including Art Palmer from Columbia and Steffen Glaser from Munich). Much knowledge passed hands and a good time was had by all (well, except for Socks and Roland on the free night off, but that is another story...).

The ANZMAG conference was very good - both Dave and Robyn gave it high praise. There were some very good talks, and as always it was great to catch up with members of the Aus/NZ NMR community. As a bonus, Joel managed to catch up with Art again for a run on the beach and in the bush each morning (Dave joined us too). Running with Art at NMR meetings is getting to be a habit...

Ann also won the ANZMAG Young Investigator's Medal - which was thoroughly deserved (although perhaps I am biased!). Congratulations Ann!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
NMR problem solving session in St John's dining hall (67kb) Roland comes back with coffee as Gottfried helps Paul out. (84kb) Bartok in St John's college dorm room - we discovered that all rules can be explained in terms of resonances and couplings. (93kb)
Walking around the lake at UQ (124kb) The lake at UQ again. (59kb) Park bench - you have to share in Brisbane... (104kb)
What can you say... - and this was *before*! (53kb) Dinner in Brissy (90kb) Great Court at UQ (111kb)
Great Court again (84kb) Surfers Paradise - just down the road... (40kb) Robyn and Ann's room at ANZMAG - with housemate. (56kb)
Main boardwalk at Couran Cove (86kb) Views from the verandah (+ one of Robyn's ubiquitous Up and Go's...) (79kb) More verandah views (65kb)
Low ropes course... (169kb) More ropes course. (191kb) A bit tricky! (161kb)
Robyn and the resonance transfer (158kb) Two for the price of one! (94kb) There it is again! (115kb)
Free time at the conference. (90kb) The Kiwi contingent at the conference dinner. (72kb)