AMOEBA Ball, Nov. 2010

This year, the School's student social committee (AMOEBA) organized their Annual Ball at the Grace Hotel in the CBD. About 80 people turned up for a fine evening of wining, dining, mingling, dancing and discussions of molecular mechanisms underlying epigenetic gene regulation and bacterial evolution.

A DJ provided the sounds and a good time was had by all!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Unfortunate angle revealing the clip-on bowtie! (64kb) Sophisticated gentlemen. (70kb) Smiles. (118kb)
More smiles (and more to come). (119kb) Paula and her minders. (75kb) Paula and Sarah. (61kb)
The oldies. (83kb) Sarah, Paul and Paula. (62kb) Soumya and Paula. (91kb)
Paul and the ladies. (75kb) The venue. (84kb) Sarah and Paula (again!). (61kb)
Katschi, her boy and Marylene. (59kb) At last Krystal has found someone her own height to pose with! (59kb) Line seems to have the most glasses in front of her. (74kb)
Geez - what a lot of wrinkles on that old bloke... (58kb) Boys. (58kb) Everyone loves Katschi. (60kb)
A rare chance for Ivan to have some hair... (50kb) More boys. (53kb) Paula cunningly stood on a chair this time! (61kb)
Marylene in a Madonna pose. (59kb) Ivan. (75kb) The phage girls. (50kb)
Helen works her way into the photo. (68kb) Boogie-ing (if that is what they still call it). (73kb) It's OK Arthur - we won't put this photo on Facebook... (49kb)
Paul and Ivan wave to the adoring crowds. (44kb) General hilarity. (69kb) No idea what is going on here... (58kb)
Jacqui takes a powernap. (50kb) More posing. (56kb)