AMOEBA Ball, 2014

This year the tireless AMOEBA committee organized the social event of the SMB year (aside from the Trivia night of course...) at the Radisson Blu hotel in the CBD - with the broad ranging theme of "games". This struck me as an excellent theme in that it provided ample opportunity for imaginations to run wild and seemed like it would minimize costume overlap. Unbelievably though, we had three pairs of white and black queens at the event! Who would have thought?! Naturally, the lab agreed that Steph and Krystal were the best, and we are completely impartial...

Perhaps the best innovation of the evening though was the photo booth. I have been fortunate enough to lay my hands on a CD containing the images from that night and, following heavy censorship (not just removing photos that show my crow's feet, either), I can present for you here a subset of the photos from the booth. Overall, my impression was that people from Micro scooped the pool for originality (Dance, Dance, Revolution - that took some explaining...) and effort (Hungry, Hungry Hippo) - must be something in the air down on level 5...

If you find a photo of yourself here that you don't want to have on the internet, just let me know and it will be gone quick as a flash (although, given that most people's lives are lived out on social media these days, I would be surprised...).

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
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