AMOEBA Ball, 2014

Monica Gerth was visiting from Dunedin to give the School seminar and so we took the opportunity to head up for a day walk in the lower Blue Mountains. Joel had been scouting out trails in the area and had done a bit of a reconnaissance a couple of months ago using OpenStreetMaps - an amazing resource for accurate trails...

Anyway, we filled up the two spare spots in the car with Jason and Taylor and headed up to Warrimoo, where we parked, grabbed a passing train to Faulconbridge and hit the trails. We walked down the Victory Trail along Sassafras Gully all the way down to Glenbrook creek. There, we turned downstream and, after a brief detour up to Martin's lookout for the view, crossed the creek and headed up a decent climb to a lookout for lunch. From there, there were a few km along the ridge before a hair raising (at least Taylor's hair was well raised) descent back down to the creek and a final climb back up to the car at Warrimoo.

Weather was perfect and a good day was had by all (terrifying descents notwithstanding).

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Heading down Sassafras Gully (Jason is in search of Sassafras) P1000820 P1000829 P1000832 Looking out over the backburning haze. Taylor was particularly fond of the downhills. P1000847 That's where we're heading P1000855 P1000858 Glenbrook creek We've still got *that* far to go up!? P1000870 Heading up the spur from the creek Sandstone patterns Sandstone patterns Lunch spot - worth the climb Lunch spot That's the life... P1000888 Taylor eyes the native flora suspiciously - looking for things that might bite. P1000895 P1000896 Turtle rock lightbox image galleriesby v6.1