Well, we haven't been for many walks for a little while, so Ann and Jacqui and Joel took an easy option and decided to do the coastal walk in the Royal National Park on the southern edge of Sydney. RNP is the second oldest national park in the world (after Yellowstone) - pretty good vision by someone quite a while ago to do this. Aside from the obvious benefits, it stops Sydney growing indefinitely in all directions.

The walk starts at Bundeena, which is most easily reached by taking a ferry from Cronulla, and travels down the coast to Otford, over ~24 km. It is a full day affair (although you can also camp overnight along the way if you desire.

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And they're off - there will be a few photos like this - looking south along the coast from the start of the walk here. (42kb) More looking south. (47kb) South again. (54kb)
Amazing stone formation - looks very Greek... (30kb) Looking back on the stone face. (43kb) Looking north onto Garie beach. (50kb)
Great colours in the rocks/ (55kb) More great colours. (48kb) Looking north along the cliffline. (50kb)
Holy rock! (80kb) Gotta be sedimentary! (43kb) Fauna... (84kb)
Joel and Ann and Eagle Rock. (50kb) At least one of these is Eagle Rock. (37kb) Ann on the edge of a waterfall - it's quite a drop on the other side... (58kb)
The same photo again... (52kb) Heading down a headland onto one of the beaches. (47kb) More views south - hope we stay dry.... (37kb)
Looking back north. (48kb)