Bundeena to Otford, April 2009

An intrepid group (Line, Arwen, Ann, Robyn and Kylie) set out to walk the Royal National Park coastal track from Bundeena to Otford, throwing in an overnight camp at South Era for good measure. The notable feature of the walk was that it was Robyn's inaugural overnight camping experience. By all accounts, she survived admirably, and might even try it again some time! This is the second time Ann has featured in this walk - in 2004 (!), she walked it with Joel and Jacqui as a day walk.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Dinner time. (38kb) Heading off. (53kb) Beach walking. (41kb)
Ann scratching around in her pack. (64kb) Great sandstone. (41kb) Striking landscape. (63kb)
Wind-sculpted sandstone. (45kb) Morning tea time... (99kb) Don't do it, Kylie! (79kb)
Looking south. (43kb) A local. (47kb) Setting up camp. (43kb)
Ann's house for the night. (43kb) Tea time! (59kb) Looks appetizing... (68kb)
Happy campers. (51kb) More rice for Ann... (50kb) A new day dawns. (77kb)
A nice camping spot. (95kb) Great spot for a stop. (73kb) Just to prove they were really there... (101kb)
Heading along the beach. (44kb) Fitting that extra rice in... (55kb) On the clifftops. (80kb)
A stop in the shade. (79kb) Along the rock platforms. (49kb) Inlet. (50kb)
The famous Eagle Rock! (54kb) Near the end now - near Burning Palms. (131kb) P4260053.jpg (93kb)
Coastal views. (87kb) No chance of putting that in your pocket by mistake... (61kb) The prize for finishing... (39kb)