A Malaysian feast at the Liews'

Chu Wai hosted a lunch at her place, as a way of saying thanks to the lab for helping her out over the course of her now-completed PhD. It was a spectacular feast of Malaysian banquet food, which even the likes of Dave, Daniel, Roland, Jason and Joel couldn't do justice to! Fortunately, there were doggie bags to be had!

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The men deal with the bbq - Chu Kong's dad passes on the ancient skill of cooking satay sticks. (95kb) You think this is a lot of food - this is just the starters! (81kb) Everyone kicks back on the Liew's deck. (102kb)
Jason, Daniel and Roland shelter from the summer sun. (73kb) Margie, Christoph and a line of people. (83kb) Now *that's* a hat! (69kb)
Morgan's head is still sore from the Halloween party!! (104kb) More balcony relaxing. (98kb) Mugda reveals thatshe can't eat any more, even though there is still 300 kg of Malaysian banquet inside... (95kb)