Chu Wai's PhD graduation, Nov. '06

A few photos from Chu Wai's PhD graduation ceremony in the Old Quadrangle at Sydney Uni. Chu Wai looks pretty pleased...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Cheers! Ann races to refil the glasses. (77kb) Chu Wai and Joel in their glad rags. (86kb) The whole crowd. (107kb)
Chu Wai and Jacqui. (81kb) Flyp at the centre of the discussion. (105kb) Liza commands everyone's attention. (79kb)
Now it's Molly's turn to hold the floor. (67kb) Chu Wai and Ann with Great Hall behind. (71kb) Joel and the Liew family - two PhDs down and three to go! (79kb)