Chu Kong's wedding, May '08

It's not every day that one of the lab members gets married (although it is starting to seem like it). Chu Kong, veteran Mackay lab member, married his long time sweetheart Annabelle Rodriguez, at the Catholic church in Hunter's Hill and the lab was invited along to the service to see the big occasion. Always good to see lab members dressed up more than usual!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Paul wonders where he can get a tie like that. (61kb) Dressed up more than usual! (51kb) Especially him. (36kb)
In all its glory... (36kb) Who is that movie star? (46kb) Beats Joel's tie... (49kb)
Spire. (23kb) Kilt detail. (40kb) Liza and Roland. (51kb)
Pep, Eija and Paul. (39kb) A flower girl. (35kb) The *littlest* flower girl ever! (36kb)
Eija and Robyn look on. (29kb) The beautiful bride. (29kb) It's all on! (30kb)
Signing the register. (32kb) Ditto. (33kb) There you have it. (34kb)
I think it's official now. (36kb) The wedding party. (28kb) Woo-hoo. (28kb)
On the way out - good to see Chu's still smiling. (21kb) There she is again. (31kb) I know her... (36kb)
Mrs Chu. (41kb) The lab look on. (44kb) Cuong the tourist? (42kb)
The centre of attention. (54kb) Looks like a shot from Baz's Romeo and Juliet - especially with the blue sky and palm trees... (36kb) The happy couple. (26kb)
They *do* look different! (48kb) Chus again. (39kb) They seemed to be popular with the camera! (42kb)
Daniela mingles with the lab. (36kb) Jason about to pull out his weapon. (40kb) Chu Wai. (53kb)
Last look at the church - they had a good day for it! (29kb)