ComBio 2009

ComBio was held in Christchurch, NZ in 2009, and quite a few of the lab went over to see some good science (and perhaps for other reasons too). A highlight this year was SPrEE - a two-day satellite meeting on protein enginerring and evolution organized chiefly by Wayne Patrick from Massey University. This meeting was held in Cass, a couple of hours west of Christchurch, where a remote University of Canterbury field station (more like a tramping hut than a flashy conference venue) provided the location for some superb science and great scenery. The remoteness of the location kept everyone together, and innovations such as the nano-poster session, the "cook and clean up yourself" (supervised by some superb chef-ery) conference dinner and the inaugural SPrEE morning-after run (Promised attendance numbers the night before: ~20. Attendence in the cold and rain on the morning: Bostjan, Wayne and Joel) made it an extremely memorable meeting.

Plans are already underway for a repeat screening, once we can figure out the best place and time to have it - it is going to be hard to match the first one (it's never the same after the first time, they say).

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
State-of-the-art transportation in Christchurch. (69kb) Katschi mans her poster. (48kb) Eagerly filling in forms to win *something*... (53kb)
Teatime chit-chat. (47kb) Perusing the program. (41kb) Going over Pep's talk. (41kb)
Smiling lab members. (51kb) Examining the menus with more attention than the program? (47kb) The Avon - very English! (65kb)
Kaavya and her poster. (51kb) Soumya in mid slurp. (52kb) Lorna and her poster (and her fans). (47kb)
The centre of Chch. (67kb) In Cathedral Square. (63kb) Sandra and Flyp at the conference dinner. (48kb)
The entire RNZAF. (38kb) Spectacular bloom. (48kb) FaSandra at her poster. (43kb)
Flyp presents her work. (53kb) Vigorous handshake between poster prize winner Soumya and Ian Dawes (ASBMB president). (40kb) Charlie always stands out in a crowd! (66kb)
Happy Spree participants head up to the mountains. (51kb) The countryside around Cass, near Arthur's Pass. (45kb) At the conference site (there *is* a building too). (43kb)
The balcony at Cass. (57kb) If only she could get her camera working, she could see the landscape... (42kb) Views from the conference hut. (9kb)
The lab at Spree. (59kb) Views of Canterbury. (45kb)