East Coast Protein Meeting, 2005

In the 1990's, the Sydney Protein Group used to join forces with their Queensland counterparts to hold the East Coast Protein Meeting in Byron Bay. In 2003, the Qld people revived the idea and we held a 2-day meeting at the Novatel Opal Cove in Coffs Harbour.

The meeting was a great success and the SPG organized the 2005 meeting at the same venue. A number of people from our lab - most prominantly Flyp and Sharon - organized the meeting and made a great job of it.

The focus of the meeting is to give PhD students and postdocs a chance to present their work in a conference setting, as well as to have two invited speakers from out of town to liven things up. This year we had Jackie Wilce and Trevor Lithgow, who both gave great talks and got involved with the students (in the nicest possible way).

These are a bunch of photos that Ann snapped - once you give her the camera it can be hard to get it back off her...

[click thumbnail to view a larger version of each picture with caption]
Three lab members of widely varying heights. (49kb) Chris standing at attention at his poster. (38kb) Dave, trying to have the smallest poster ever (although his ComBio effort from a few years ago is hard to top). (42kb)
Merlin is fascinated by Roland's third and fourth zinc fingers. (45kb) Daniel is suspicious. (44kb) Flyp, Sharon and Molly strike a pose. (47kb)
Tah-dahhhh! (47kb) Daniel with that Happy conference goers from Qld. (42kb)
Adrienne Grant from USyd (right) mans her poster. (47kb) Bret is not sure he believes Jackie. (48kb) Cheery poster presenters. (54kb)
What can you say? (45kb) Luke Guddat et al. (47kb) More lab action. (48kb)
Dinner time. (49kb) Hang on - isn't that guy a landscape gardner? (60kb) The other side of the table. (59kb)
Fionna and Chris infiltrate a Qld table. (50kb) 2005's Hons cohort - ready to hit the dance floor. (52kb) The Adelaide girls. (52kb)
More dinner people. (51kb) Yet more dinner people. (55kb) Dodgy characters. (55kb)
One more table. (58kb) Hmmm (39kb) Now the action starts. (44kb)
Go the Nutbush - Jaimee leads the way... (44kb) More dance floor action. (44kb) Dave pops up again - and who tipped a bucket of water over joel? (48kb)