Fionna's wedding day

Here are some more photos of Fionna's big day [see more detailed description of the day] - this time taken by Chu Wai. Chu seemed to demonstrate an uncanny knack of taking photos at just the right time to capture all of the important moments!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Chauffeur-driven arrival. (32kb) We need to get Ann a new hat... (56kb) Joel, Amy, Jacqui and Ann (and a smidgeon of Flyp and Chris). (51kb)
Bride and groom arrive on the scene. (56kb) Ready for action. (75kb) Vows. (78kb)
Rings. (98kb) The reading - a very nice one from Captain Correlli's Mandolin. (74kb) The kiss! (84kb)
The signing of one's life away... (76kb) The certificate! (74kb) Ann, Flyp and Fionna. (57kb)
Flyp and Chu Wai. (48kb) That is a wicked grin. (41kb) The cake and the speech practice. (33kb)
The cutting. (30kb)