Some graduations, 2006

We had a couple of graduations in quick succession in May 2006 - the Hons cohort from 2005 and then Daniel graduating from his PhD...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Yun-Si and Rachael (from Charles' lab). (42kb) Jaimee hogs the limelight... (40kb) Joel looks on bemused as usual... (49kb)
Arwen, Robyn and Jaimee. (47kb) Class of 2005 - Arwen, Robyn, Jaimee, Ingrid and Mugda. (46kb) Sam cast as previous photo, with a dash of colour (and silly hats). (48kb)
Alan amuses Ingrid and Fionna. (46kb) Paul didn't graduate - he just likes being in photos. (46kb) Daniel thinks: 'Hmmm - are the USyd graduation teddy bears still on sale?', with Thilo, Roland and Liza having a celebratory drink. (50kb)
Vanessa is most amused by it all. (49kb) Robyn's parents think Mudga, her sister and her father (you can deduce who is who). (57kb)
'Do you like my hat like this?' (46kb) Mugda and her mother with Joel and Jacqui. (48kb) Robyn's father is left to hold the degree while Robyn takes an urgent call. (44kb)
These corks get tougher every year... (18kb) Daniel and Jacqui at the night-time graduation... (21kb)