BSc Hons Graduation, 2007

All of the BSc Hons students from 2006 graduated on the same day in May this year...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Paula and Vanessa with their hard earned pieces of paper! (62kb) Morgan cracks out the glasses (OK - plastics). (64kb) Paula with her mum and sister. (65kb)
Socks and her mum. (57kb) Joel looking dozy with Socks and her mum. (71kb) Vanessa and Jacqui. (68kb)
Socks and friend. (68kb) Richard sneaks off with a bottle... (59kb) Molly shocks Fionna and Vanessa (I'm dying to know what she said!). (70kb)
Victoria and Socks. (54kb) Eija looks skeptically at Joel's hat. (63kb) Hang on - these three aren't even graduating! (57kb)
The whole crowd - Socks, Vic, Lisa, Paula, Vanessa and Anita. (63kb) Jacqui and Vanessa again. (53kb) More people trying to get into shots with the gradands! (61kb)
Socks (55kb) Arwen, Mugdha and Robyn will do anything to get into the picture. (63kb) Eija and Molly with Socks. (61kb)
Paula and friend. (51kb) Paula and Vanessa (who must be getting sore cheeks now!). (56kb) Mudgha and Vanessa. (57kb)
Melinda and big Chu with Socks. (65kb) Molly and Eija get in on another shot. (58kb)