Graduations 2008

All of the BSc Hons students from 2006 graduated on the same day in May this year...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Fionna is definitely pleased to be here! (45kb) Fionna with Chu Wai - PhDs galore... (48kb) Alex Djarmize - BSc Hons graduate. (41kb)
Paul Vukašin and his family (there are probably more...). (42kb) Philippa helps Fionna celebrate. (39kb) Fionna with Joel - he even dressed up for the occasion! (42kb)
Paul and his dad. (42kb) Fionna with her dad. (40kb) Melinda Tan celebrates her BSc Hons + University Medal. (35kb)
Zoe shows us what she is eating... (32kb) Paul looking pleased with himself! (36kb) J+J with Flyp and Fionna. (34kb)
Morgan and Wilfred (can't seem to get rid of him) with Alex and his girlfriend. (33kb) Clearly a tradition in the Vukasin family! (27kb) Flyp practises... (16kb)
Paul and Melinda. (19kb)