Graduation, May, 2009

All of the BSc Hons students from 2008 graduated on the same day in May this year...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Ingrid and Kaavya await the graduands. (72kb) Mudgha's just here for the drinks and to try on the hat... (74kb) Margie and a herd of graduands - Soumya, Vanessa, Doug and Paul. (67kb)
Vanessa and her special friend. (40kb) Vanessa and her other special friend. (33kb) Margie strikes a pose. (60kb)
Vanessa and her *other* special friend... (34kb) Margie cracks a bottle. (33kb) Cheery lab members enjoying the sun in the quad. (64kb)
Mitch and his parents. (44kb) How many friends does this girl *have*?! (33kb) Soumya is just as tall as Vanessa. (40kb)
The whole gang. (68kb) Poetry in motion... (67kb) Mitch's dad tries it on for size... (57kb)
Some of the level 5 (and 2) crew. (66kb)