Graduation, May, 2010

Sarah graduated from her BSc Hons degree in this round, and Roland stood in for Joel in the funny hat, since Joel was away pedalling around Europe (freezing in the Pyrenees when this took place, from memory...). Good to see Sarah is smiling, knowing that she has to put up with Joel for three more years...

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Mugdha is amused at Roland's getup... (28kb) Roland and Sarah (42kb) Morgan and Lorna look on. (25kb)
Robyn, Krystal and Ruvini pose for Robyn. (48kb) Liza and Flyp. (31kb) It's all been a bit tiring for Roland. (51kb)
Lorna, Kylie and Marylene (36kb) Sarah and her proud parents! (45kb) Roland gets in on the family photo. (43kb)