Graduation, Nov. 2010

Robyn and Mugdha both finished up their PhDs in 2010 and were able to graduate together in the November ceremony. Time for a double celebration. Both are heading off to try their hand at postdoc-ing and both have a pretty good chance of doing well, I think!

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The two graduands - Dr Mugdha and Dr Robyn. (96kb) The ceremony. (108kb) The venue. (92kb)
Robyn celebrates with her parents. (107kb) Robyn's parents and a sea of PhD gowns. (114kb) Lab groupies. (116kb)
What a fine looking young man! (114kb) Mugdha, her parents and Mohammed. (119kb) ...and Jacqui! (117kb)
Cheers! (113kb) The gowns. (111kb) Gowns again. (109kb)
Robyn's mum looks wistfully at the quad: 'Maybe *I* will come and do a PhD too... Mitch looks worried... (122kb) Congratulations from Margie. (114kb)
PhD hopefuls! (and the jacaranda tree in bloom!). (130kb) Robyn's mentor... (110kb) Robyn and Line. (110kb)
Happy lab people... (121kb) Everyone wants to be in a photo with that movie star with the dark glasses... (119kb) Paula and Socks try to get a bit of a height advantage... (116kb)
Lab photo (and Mitch *still* looks worried). (128kb) Lab photo #2. (130kb) Robyn and parents. (108kb)
R+P. (79kb) Sarah makes an appearance too! (109kb)