Graduation, Oct 09

THIS was a big one...!!! Flyp was putting the final nail in the PhD coffin and graduating. The weather was fittingly perfect and the momentous occasion was duly celebrated by the lab afterwards. Sharing the occasion were Jane from Margie's lab, graduating with her MSc., and Andrea from Simon Easterbrook-Smith's lab, who also had a tough time finishing and would have been more relieved than most to have received her piece of paper!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
The sun shines on graduation! (35kb) Flyp celebrates! (59kb) View across Soumya's head to the quad. (80kb)
Flyp, Dad and bro'. (60kb) Jane holds on to her hat... (59kb) Flyp with the oldies. (68kb)
Cheers... (61kb) Mini-group photo. (54kb) Clock tower. (59kb)
Your turns soon... (71kb) The hats look on... (46kb) Take your pick. (38kb)
Flyp takes a bow! (45kb) General lab hanging-around. (59kb) The mysterious hooded scientist... (51kb)
Andrea and Flyp. (51kb) Jane again. (53kb) Paul poses with Flyp. (59kb)
Nice tassles... (58kb) Flyp and friends. (56kb) Group shot! (73kb)