Molly decided to have a Halloween party at her new flat in Bronte. The rule was: no costume, no entry. A few members of the lab were brave - or foolish - enough turn up...

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Liza wraps up the mummy. (47kb) OK - nearly there. (43kb) Looking good - or bad - or whatever. No wonder they had trouble getting a taxi! (43kb)
Hang on - you're unravelling. (53kb) Roland the mummy, Fionna and Rob as Hellfire (Fionna was the fire part), and Dracula looking for his fangs. (49kb) Dracula meets geisha. (42kb)
Paris Hilton (aka Vanessa) with a 'woman' and the mummy behind. (35kb) I dream of Molly. (47kb) Jeannie and the mummy. (48kb)
.and again - with Paris this time! (57kb) The mummy and an ACDC roadie. (37kb) Paris and her poodle introduce a movie (House of Wax I think!). (55kb)
There they are - in the flesh and on the screen at the same time! Spooky! (40kb) Would you like to go out for a bite.? (55kb) Jeannie and Major Tom - actually, Jeannie's husband *was* an astronaut! (51kb)
That is *great* hair! (52kb) That, on the other hand, isn't. (61kb) The mummy lets his hair down. (48kb)
Paris, baby. (77kb) What a team - the one in front has a *great* costume! (58kb) Roadie and mummy... (47kb)
Paris goes for a change of hair colour - a girl's prerogative! (63kb)