Hyam's Beach, April 2007.

As predicted in the photos from the lab's weekend trip to Hyam's Beach in 2006, we did indeed go back! As the end of April approached, it was definitely time for another lab retreat down the coast to Jervis Bay (some of the PhD students were getting antsy), so we chose Hyam's again - it is a pretty hard spot to beat... Could be the start of a lab tradition.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
First glimpses of Chinaman's beach (80kb) Ahhh - here at last! (63kb) OK - now what are we going to do? (64kb)
Margie checks out Paula's attempt at the smallest sandcastle in the world. (81kb) Jason spots the hidden camera. (88kb) Ingrid tries not to make rude comments about Mugdha's big feet. (51kb)
Beach action. (72kb) OK - now for a serious sandcastle! (73kb) Taaa-dahhh! (75kb)
The deconstructionist approach to art. (78kb) Our local beach. (29kb) Lunch(?) at Husky. Young folks and their eating habits - I don't know. (81kb)
Jacqui starts to get the fire going. (86kb) Success! (38kb) Entranced by a charade describer. (41kb)
Three words. (47kb) Come on - keep going! (58kb) Eija doesn't like Paula's drawing. (42kb)
Local wildlife. (97kb) Not that wild, after all. (83kb) More local wildlife. (37kb)
Local blowhole. (49kb)