Hyams Beach April, 2008

Photos from the 2008 Hyams Beach weekend - courtesy of Paul and Robyn...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Unexpected shot of Fionna, her dad, and the lab! (54kb) Playing in the sand. (40kb) Lorna's bum. (44kb)
Something amusing! (39kb) Someone flaked out! (38kb) I reckon those are Socks' feet... (47kb)
Socks, Vanessa, Ingrid and Morgan. (41kb) A UFO? (39kb) Coming up or going down? (39kb)
Batter up. (39kb) Now, why is Paully sitting there? (49kb) Ahhh.... (61kb)
Boardgame antics. (47kb) Roland in action! (38kb) More of Roland in action - Paully is winding up the backhand! (22kb)
Revolving table tennis! (28kb) Chilling out. (34kb) Breaky time! (44kb)
Hmmm - i wouldn't be betting my house on that hand...(especially for pontoon). (21kb) Now, what *is* Ivan doing at that tree? (52kb) Yum.... (28kb)
Juggling action - the great club-passing extravaganza! (41kb) Evening time. (33kb) Grub's up. (36kb)
Now *this* is high speed sport! (27kb) Great shot! (11kb) Another great shot! (14kb)
Getting in some training for the Sydney to the Gong ride. (68kb) More training. (68kb) Sandra. (20kb)
Eija. (23kb)