Hyams Beach via Richard, April 2008

Richard's take on Hyams - with some photos from kidses?

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Rocky shore (80kb) Sophie and her - ahhh, errr - thing. (32kb) Banksia (76kb)
Beach (35kb) More beach (15kb) Banksias on the beach (70kb)
Sunset (20kb) Warmth! (27kb) What *was* that? (17kb)
Giddy up! (79kb) Tree (91kb) Lollypops? (73kb)
Beach (30kb) Lorna, Arwen and Paula. (64kb) The huge dunes! (19kb)
But, how can you tell? (32kb) Tree (55kb) Laura (80kb)
Playing on the beach. (28kb) Reflections (70kb) Rocky shore (26kb)
Richard and Arwen (69kb) Sand cliff. (40kb) Limpet (89kb)
Sophie (97kb) Lunch! (35kb) Rocky headland (46kb)
A study in green (44kb) What can you say...? (58kb)