Hyams Beach via Sandra, April '08

The yearly expedition to Hyam's Beach, seen here through Sandra's lens. This year we had the extra treat of Paully's newly found skills - see below...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
One of the places. (82kb) The view onto the bay. (52kb) Ahh - the beach! (54kb)
Beach action. (62kb) One of the more modest places! (66kb) And the third place. (68kb)
Local flora. (101kb) Eija makes it to the beach! (62kb) Lagoon. (32kb)
More beach. (32kb) Rocky headland. (35kb) One of those creatures that lives on the rocks... (65kb)
Sandra and the bay. (45kb) The northern headland in the distance. (48kb) Views through the trees. (67kb)
Secret cove. (43kb) Seaweed. (109kb) Rocky patterns. (73kb)
Patterns on the rocks. (106kb) Scribbly gum! (54kb) Table tennis action. (33kb)
Getting ready for dinner. (31kb) Serving up. (40kb) Pre-dinner mingling. (30kb)
Grub's up! (37kb) Someone is doing something interesting! (40kb) What *are* they watching? (24kb)
Ahhh... (24kb) Paully should never have had the chili. (35kb) Driving back... (21kb)
Not what you expect in Australia! (24kb)