Hyam's Beach, April 2009

The annual expedition to Hyam's Beach for the lab retreat took place in April this year, and as usual a great time was had by all! Here are a small selection of photos.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Off for a walk. (55kb) Let's head out to the point. (42kb) Getting closer. (33kb)
Someone playing silly buggers... (76kb) Looking out. (41kb) Photo op. (55kb)
All right - been there done that - what now? (89kb) Hm says Flyp - this doesn't seem like a 'gentle stroll' to me... (114kb) OK - how are we getting over *there*? (70kb)
They make big ants in Australia... (102kb) Pleasant bush. (133kb) Which way now? (119kb)
Action show. (35kb) Tony sizes up one of Paul's offerings. (36kb) Enough meat? (36kb)
Joel and Ann are their usual stylish selves... (53kb) Jacqui is rapt by Henry's description of his action figure. (37kb) What are the scores now? (55kb)
Hm - are these two related...? (40kb) Morgan and the local fauna. (50kb) Soumya is about to start some trouble (what a surprise!). (95kb)
See what i mean! (96kb) Beach time! (38kb) Henry's car! (32kb)
Ann watches Henry do a jig! (53kb)