HYams Beach 2011

After a flirtation with McMaster's Beach in 2010, we returned to our old favourite haunt for the lab retreat in 2011 - Hyam's Beach down in Jervis Bay. Superb location, and we had great weather too. Hard to beat...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Packing for Hyams... (64kb) The jigsaw addicts go for it! (62kb) Ahhh - the beach... (83kb)
Look - a rock! (84kb) Coastline. (126kb) Holy rocks. (113kb)
Chinaman's beach (96kb) Locals. (96kb) Coastline. (108kb)
Coastline. (93kb) Colours. (113kb) The lab... (98kb)
The lab and the headland. (83kb) Sarah is the only one that braved the water! (82kb) This is why we come here... (81kb)
The beach. (17kb) Hanging out at the beach. (124kb) Top views. (57kb)
Beach. (85kb)