Hyam's Beach, May 2016

Once again the lab headed intrepidly down to one of the nicest spots around - Hyam's Beach - for a weekend retreat. Weather was fantastic and plenty of science was discussed as usual. There was birdwatching, swimming, inadvertant possum feeding, running and hiking, and an improbable amount of Uno playing done - as well as some masterful food preparation by James, Taylor and Vania, with many other helpers and advice-givers...

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Our regular possum Some serious gaming Joel arrives at Hyams the slow way Ahh - selfies! You can see we cater for vegetarians... What's that horse doing with a phone? It actually blows, the Kiama blowhole! Kiama Kiama Serious food prep Diba and Mehdi Friday dinner Friday dinner Family around the table Serious cards Ninnie on the beach Looking out to sea Evening Coming back from the beach Jason and Athina How much? Uno Ingrid Saturday dinner Saturday dinner More shenanigans Say what? King parrot King parrot King parrot King parrot Southern emu wren (so Rob tells me) lightbox image galleriesby VisualLightBox.com v6.1