ICMRBS 2010 via Paul

For the first time ever, the International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems was held in the Southern Hemisphere. Ray Norton was the chair of the meeting, and he co-opted a number of the usual suspects to help him organize the meeting - Gottfried Otting, Glenn King, Joel, Frances Separovic and Ian Brereton to name a few. There was a strong contingent from the School who attended the meeting, along with several of the associated workshops that were held before and after the meeting. Robyn and Paul took time out to take a few photos - in fact, along with Rob Hynson (a converted X-ray crystallographer in our School), they were the official conference photographers! You can see Paul's photos here, or Robyn's photos here.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Vanessa waits to be picked up(!) (59kb) Waterfall at Crystal Cascade (82kb) Advanced NMR workshop.. The students are signing thank you cards for the instructors. (62kb)
Local exhibition during Indegenous Art Festival weekend....... (42kb) (Wooden) burger n chips anyone?? (43kb) View of the Cairns esplanade.. (44kb)
More aboriginal artworks on display at the esplanade... (119kb) Our accommodation... It has a really cool architecture... (46kb) Our accommodation was Cairns' most expensive apartment block.... (85kb)
The biggest 3-bedroom apartment ever... (45kb) Nom nom.... First meal of the conference (56kb) Vanessa tried to explain her stuff to Beat Meier from ETH...
A must have pose next to the Bruker machine....  (59kb) Vanessa's turn (43kb) Joel talking to John Carver (42kb)
Paul posing next to his poster (managed to get the picture with Robyn's help)...  (61kb) It's Robyn's turn to pose next to her poster.... (47kb) Our newly found friend from Austria.. Not Roland, but Christoph Goebl from Graz... (62kb)
Christoph, Rob and Ulrike during the penultimate session of the conference.. Phiuuhh...  (59kb) Dave and Roland listening to the Koala Bear joke... (37kb) Look who we found at the ICMRBS.... (36kb)
Vanessa, Paul and Claire during the conference dinner... (42kb) Paul and Christian Griensinger...   (31kb) Is that 'Vanessa the rabbit'? (38kb)
More funny action shot...with Joanna, Christoph, Vanessa and a representative from Varian... (42kb) Vanessa and Fran from Cambridge.. Fran actually got married one week after this dinner.. How insane? (33kb) Some other students we met at the conference. From left to right: Ard from Netherlands (he drove from Melbourne to Cairns before the conferece started); Paul; Oli (Fionna's lab member); another Paul from Cambridge. (31kb)
Final photo with some of the students before we got kicked out from the dining hall.... (50kb) Enjoying breakfast with some of the students from the conference before we all have to leave....  (91kb) Another angle... (80kb)
Christoph, Ulrike and Paul... This was a nice shot actually.. (70kb) Protein structure calculation workshop in Brisbane... (63kb) Final beer before the flight.... (50kb)
Advanced NMR workshop.... (95kb)