ICMRBS 2010 via Robyn

For the first time ever, the International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems was held in the Southern Hemisphere. Ray Norton was the chair of the meeting, and he co-opted a number of the usual suspects to help him organize the meeting - Gottfried Otting, Glenn King, Joel, Frances Separovic and Ian Brereton to name a few. There was a strong contingent from the School who attended the meeting, along with several of the associated workshops that were held before and after the meeting. Robyn and Paul took time out to take a few photos - in fact, along with Rob Hynson (a converted X-ray crystallographer in our School), they were the official conference photographers! You can see Robyn's photos here, or Paul's photos here.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Steve Pascal and others at the SAXS workshop. (73kb) The Sebel in Cairns - home of the SAXS workshop (107kb) Aboriginal dancers at the ICMRBS opening ceremony. (54kb)
The crew... (101kb) Claire is happy to be here! (100kb) Fraces holds court. (107kb)
The ICMRBS twins! (100kb) Steffen Glaser, Robyn and Dave from Steve Pascal's lab. (98kb) The Bruker suite. (107kb)
Peter Barron gets what he deserves... (96kb) Boltzmann is a bit blurry (to many). (72kb) Joel, Jackie and Dave check out an online prac Jackie has made. (82kb)
This explains the popularity of the Bruker suite. (93kb) Happy delegates! (70kb) Music in the Agilent suite. (60kb)
More happy delegates! (106kb) Kevin Gardner checks out Rob's poster. (82kb) Stephan Grzesiek looks at Paul's poster. (89kb)
Roland and Mingjie look at a posters. (82kb) Fionna in the poster room. (76kb) Another fan of Paul's poster - he had a good spot all right! (96kb)
Fred Damburger from Fred Allain's lab entertains the crowd. (100kb) Same crowd... (88kb) Who has the bigger deltoids - Dorothee or Pep? (75kb)
Cairns at night. (118kb) The lagoon at night. (70kb) Glenn tells it how it is. (84kb)
And Bill Price says how it *really* is! (73kb) Roland chats. (71kb) Fionna amuses the crowd. (89kb)
Bill Price and Jim Hook relax after a hard day of conferencing. (57kb) More Agilent music - tenor sax even! (72kb) Just in time for Barron's thirst! (66kb)
Pep and Paul compute. (88kb) Vanessa and a - well, a something... (113kb) This photo needs no caption... (114kb)
Paul and Vanessa battle it out. (69kb) The conference centre (like big magnetic field lines). (135kb) Local fauna. (200kb)
The conference organizing crew (minus Joel). (86kb) The dinner. (78kb) Peter obviously hasn't sold enough spectrometers... (68kb)
The dinner. (83kb)