Random lab photos, 2008

Sandra has obviously had an itchy trigger finger lately...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Molly and Sally. (45kb) Katschi and Liza. (32kb) Ivan. (36kb)
Da Boyz. (34kb) Arwen tuning the radio... (42kb) Eija and Paula (is that Facebook...?). (49kb)
Mitch on the HPLC. (40kb) Now, why have we got a photo of Arthur there? (26kb) Sally talks to her cells. (31kb)
Hey - this isn't our lab either! (48kb) Pep and Dominic, the TSP student. (33kb) Sandra hard at work! (42kb)
Flyp shows off her Eppendorf... (35kb) Hmmm - now, where is my next breakthrough coming from...? (39kb) Surya aka. Paul. (39kb)
Lorna. (34kb) Morgan and Soumya (not creating mischief for once). (41kb) Ingrid at high speed with Fionna looking on. (32kb)
Some of the smallest lab members (don't show Queenie...). (29kb) The Hons hothouse. (25kb) Liza at the bench. (41kb)
Looking out to the city (and our eternally renovated front lawn). (26kb)