With summer coming on and the pool temperature rising, Margie invited everyone over to her place for a bit of a beginning-of-summer bbq. A good time was of course had by all, especially Ann, who didn't leave the pool for almost the entire afternoon. Lucky she had the seal for flotation...

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Hmm - isn't there supposed to be a *third* club... (103kb) Assorted pool action... (101kb) Ingrid takes the diablo for a spin. (84kb)
Joel fends off a marauding small child with a pool noodle. (69kb) Liza and Roland chill out. (65kb) A frenzy of card playing action. (81kb)
Chu Kong intercepts Henry, who is on a mission as usual. (67kb) Ann and Jacqui go head to head in the pool. (68kb) Ann spent the entire afternoon on the seal... (77kb)
Sophie tries the diablo under Paul's watchful eye. (91kb)