The highlight of the ComBio conference in 2007 - well, for some anyway - was Mugdha winning a giant programmable robot in the trade passport competition. On bringing him(?) home to the lab, the lab put him through his paces - and quickly discovered that he uses about as much power as a small European country. Fortunately, Ann has come to the rescue with a swag of rechargeable batteries. I am waiting for him to be able to use a pipette - then I am thinking of enrolling him in Honours and seeing how he goes...

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Bigger than Ben Hur? Certainly bigger than Homer Simpson... (45kb) I am Lab-bot - small Amine figurines beware! (44kb)
Lab-bot has Socks, Paula, Mugdha and Ingrid in it's spell! (63kb) Hey - what are you looking at?! (65kb)
Don't think I can't see you back there! (45kb)