Lorne Protein Conference, 2006

There was a major lab pilgrimage to the Lorne meeting this year, after most of us missing it in 2005 when it was temporarily moved to Philip Island.

I think everyone had a good time - some great talks, good weather, great tennis and a good conference dinner (except for that small incident that we won't dwell on...).

Here are most people manning their posters in the swanky new poster hall...

[Click the thumbnail for a larger version and a caption.]
Fionna bonds with Steve Heady - a fellow protein:RNA interaction afficianado. Actually, this is a rare photo of Steve not being on the tennis court with Joel... (37kb) Robyn tells Nishen (of the oligomeric Sm proteins) about *her* RNA-binding work. (42kb) Liza gets excited about her work from St Andrews. (41kb)
Jason shares his HSQC titration with someone. (33kb) How could you walk past a poster with a presenter like this! (37kb) Chris is smiling because he knows he doesn't have to make any more backbone assignments... (33kb)
Chu Kong wins the prize  *again* for snappiest poster title! (39kb) Flyp takes the
Mudga always wears a top to match her poster, apparently. (40kb) Ann shows off her hydrophobin work, and... (44kb) so does her assistant. The strange thing is that he isn't on the authorship list... (42kb)