Lorne 2007 through Liza+Roland's lens

This year, we had a number of photographers making sure everyone knows what a good meeting the Lorne Protein Conference is (and what good weather it always is!). These are the view from Sandra's camera. You can also see photos from Sandra and Robyn.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Happy to be shopping... (195kb) Lorne awaits in the distance... (114kb) Paula, Chu and Dave demolish the opening bbq. (210kb)
Jason on his third dessert. (161kb) Richard and Sandra. (247kb) Joel hangs on every one of Mingjie's words... (173kb)
Joel in his usual Lorne state - coming into the poster session off the tennis court. (177kb) Who on earth let that guy have a second beer...? (257kb) House BBQ. (250kb)
Locals await the finish of the BBQ. (420kb) So they really *do* exist in the wild! (374kb) Look - there's one! (401kb)
Coastal views from the Great Ocean Road. (135kb) Funny tree... (121kb) Ann (and Pokemonk) collects her Young Investigator Award! (153kb)
All right - who pooped on the car? (but more to the point, why do these two look so pleased about it...?). (237kb)