Lorne 2007 through Robyn's lens

This year, we had a number of photographers making sure everyone knows what a good meeting the Lorne Protein Conference is (and what good weather it always is!). These are the view from Sandra's camera. You can also see photos from Sandra and Liza.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
All aboard the bus at Melbourne airport - Sandra and Eija try not to be left behind. (187kb) Ingrid surveys her room in Melbourne. (145kb) Jaimee, Mugda and Arwen on the stairs. (189kb)
What a crew...! (231kb) Off to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. (204kb) Hmmm - I'm not sure Ned wore sneakers (or thongs for that matter)... (158kb)
And i am *definitely* sure he didn't make that sign... (108kb) The trip down the coast to Lorne is all too much for Liza. (131kb) Ahhhh - Lorne....you can just make out Mugda, Ingrid and Sandra.. (121kb)
Official conference photo (note name tags - and beach towels...). (296kb) Paula, Mihwa, Arwen and Lorna. (136kb) Chu and Andrew chat with our gate-crashing invited speaker Mingjie Zhang. (250kb)
One of the Lorne houses. (213kb) Ahhhh - Erskine House lunches... (117kb) A rare photo of people actually at a talk! (188kb)
View from one of the houses. (300kb) Discussions of science at morning tea  (Jason doesn't believe a word Margie is saying) - with Jane Clarke (Cambridge) on the left. (253kb) A local. (47kb)
Roland looks at the map and says Don't leave without me... (116kb) One of the beaches on the way back to Melbourne. (177kb)