Lorne 2007 through Sandra's lens

This year, we had a number of photographers making sure everyone knows what a good meeting the Lorne Protein Conference is (and what good weather it always is!). These are the view from Sandra's camera. You can also see photos from Robyn and Liza.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Richard plays lifeguard (unfortunately, he is English, and can't actually swim). (31kb) Group photo. (98kb) We're not sure *why* we're doing this, but never mind... (99kb)
The new Erskine House - site of the conference. (47kb) Local fauna. (113kb) More local fauna - a king parrot (or something - Arwen?). (98kb)
Ann and Mingjie try kangaroo-whispering. (112kb) Seems to be on to them... (104kb) Robyn smiles to encourage people to come and look at her graphs. (59kb)
Eija smiles to get people to look at her mutations (well, mutations in MyT1 anyway). (73kb) Definitely a good look! (57kb) Zzzzzz. (112kb)
I'm outa here... (139kb) Sandra and her poster. The one behind it looks intriguing too! (64kb) Jaimee chats up one of the speakers at the dinner (i wonder how late in the evening it is...). (50kb)
Go the nutbush! (56kb) David and Yen trip the light... (36kb) Joel and Jacqui twirl around... (42kb)
Joel isn't *really* trying to break Ingrid's arm here... (45kb) I'm not having *anything* to do with that! (33kb) Conference dinner photo. (60kb)
Last stroll on the beach. (34kb) Eija and the sea. (65kb)