Lorne 2009 via Katschi's camera

A few photos from the 2009 Lorne Protein Conference, taken by Katschi - you can see pix from Robyn and Paul as well!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Mitch gets chauffeured to Lorne... (36kb) ...although, would *you* want to be chauffeured by this man?! (36kb) Hm - perhaps give the swim a miss... (64kb)
Bells. (60kb) The dinner production line. (56kb) Dinner guest. (42kb)
The chef. (41kb) Keep your eyes on your sausages... (30kb) Lazy local. (95kb)
More lazy locals. (97kb) The apostles - how many are there these days? (57kb) Apostles again. (48kb)
More apostles. (47kb) The crew. (53kb) A car full of protein scientists. (31kb)
The awards! (68kb) Dorothee Kern presents Mudgha with her prize! (57kb) ...and David Jacques. (60kb)
*And* Ingrid! Well done, MMB! (64kb) At least someone is using the pool. (57kb) Nice spot for lunch. (56kb)
The all important conference dinner dancing. (59kb) I believe this might be the Macarena... (38kb) Chinatown in Melbourne. (71kb)