Lorne 2009 via Paul's camera

A few photos from the 2009 Lorne Protein Conference, taken by Paul - you can see pix from Robyn and Katschi as well!

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Pep just limbering his brain up before Lorne. (25kb) Coastal views. (41kb) Katschi and Chu Kong. (78kb)
The house - not bad... (67kb) The welcome bbq at the conference. (58kb) Joel and Dave cornered by Murray Stewart (and there isn't even a corner!). (47kb)
Paul and Sandra. (54kb) Busy preparing for the next day's talks. (43kb) Liza tells everyone about SSB proteins. (26kb)
Pep winds up. (54kb) Robyn explains to Chu Kong what an HSQC is. (52kb) Kaavya mans her poster. (45kb)
Soumya. (51kb) Ivan and Jelena. (40kb) Mudgha angling for a poster prize. (51kb)
Katschi. (49kb) Lorna. (55kb) Liza and big Chu. (50kb)
Paul and Socks. (59kb) The production line again. (47kb) Creepy... (45kb)
Dave handles things expertly in Ann's absence. (46kb) The lucky table. (43kb) Ivan and his new friends. (33kb)
Brraaak. (23kb) Ingrid presented with her poster prize by Dorothee Kern. (54kb) The winners grinning. (40kb)
Getting down at the conference dinner dancing. (33kb) Fred, Joel and Dorothee on the floor. (41kb) Jacqui. (42kb)
Those damn paperazzi - always after me... (28kb) In mid twirl. (49kb) The venue. (48kb)