Lorne Protein Conference, Feb. 2010

Here are a few photos - taken by Paul - from the 2010 Lorne Protein meeting. This year there was a bit of a split, with a few people going to the Genome Conference at Lorne instead, but there were still enough people there to have some fun...

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Morgan and Sarah wait for dinner buddies. (55kb) Local. (94kb) Hanging out in the foyer (hope there aren't lectures on...). (53kb)
Exhausted by all the science (or playing tennis). (45kb) Ann asks Ivan about his poster. (55kb) Morgan explains his work. (49kb)
Jane provides an extra smile to help attract visitors to Claire's poster. (60kb) Sarah really isn't interested in John's work. (60kb) Claire, Kaavya and Jane read Claire's poster, since no one else seems to be... (59kb)
Morgan happy be presenting a poster. (56kb) Lunch time. (66kb) Lin and Ivan at the student lunch hoping a Nobel Prize will rub off on them. (41kb)
Paul chats to Ada as well. (42kb) Kylie entertains more of the lab. (50kb) Kylie talking to Kaavya about her poster. (51kb)
Vanessa explains her work to Martin Stone from Monash. (52kb) Paul explains the intricacies of his structure to Morgan. (38kb) Tony trapped in a corner! (36kb)
Jane plays the gracious host. (40kb) This is where they *should* hold the lectures... (61kb)