Lorne via Mattias, 2012

The yearly pilgramage to Lorne was captured this year by Mattias Brofelth, a visiting Swedish student working with Joel and Nick. There was some good weather to be had, as you can see (and of course some good science!).

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Serious discussions on the beach (106kb) Sitting on the Groyne (79kb) Now, what is she going to do with that? (55kb)
View from the deck (67kb) The pier (52kb) Soumya in a hurry (61kb)
All action in the kitchen (69kb) The bridge to the meeting (107kb) The lagoon (73kb)
The bridge again (99kb) Vanessa's seaweed? (116kb) Ahhh - Lorne... (43kb)
Friendly avians (122kb) Boing! (113kb) Freeform gymnastics... (127kb)
Dave's group go crazy... (109kb) More boing (147kb) ...and more. (102kb)
Excited to be leaving? (77kb) Yep - everyone is in the bus... (82kb)