McMasters Beach Lab Retreat, April 2010

These are Katschi's photos from the McMaster's Beach Lab Retreat. You can go back to the main page for more photos.

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Marylene eyes Sandra's speciality! (69kb) Are you sure it is supposed to do this? (54kb) Yes, yes - says Sandra - it's all under control... (45kb)
Who turned on the disco lights? (35kb) Sitting around. (96kb) Mitch ponders a problem (Roland's not worried about it though). (46kb)
Cheese... (46kb) The lovely ladies of the lab... (68kb) Views from the house. (96kb)
Striking out along the beach. (54kb) View of the sea. (55kb) Headlands to the south. (113kb)
The rocky shore. (123kb) Camping even! (168kb) Ann, Angela and Marylene. (88kb)
Rocky headlands. (99kb) Marylene bush bashing. (147kb) Pausing for a break. (191kb)
Ann in one of her best hats. (183kb) Angela in *her* best hat! (172kb) Lunch time. (142kb)
What *has* Ann found? (151kb) Culture (and a surfboard). (72kb) Same players, different audience... (68kb)
Taa-dahh! (53kb) Can't they leave the laptops at home?! (52kb) Twisted ankle? (70kb)
Evening falls. (65kb) Ann in her usual place - at the barbie! (33kb) Flyp moving too fast for the camera. (56kb)
More disco lighting. (58kb) Kitchen conversation. (64kb) Smurf listens as Robyn plays... (59kb)
Relaxing on the back deck. (125kb) Joel ponders the snake in the tree (just out of picture). (147kb) Flyp. (126kb)