MMB Ball, Nov. 2009

There was a masquerade theme at the 2009 MMB Ball, held in one of the hotels in the Sydney CBD. Many of the lab obliged (although we can't tell who, since they were in disguise...).

[Click on the thumbnails to get a caption and a larger image]
Mystery ballgoers... (56kb) More mysterious ball patrons. (67kb) Mackay and Matthews lab unmasked! (60kb)
Brian and partner set a high standard on the dance floor. (40kb) Joel and Jacqui have a go on the dance floor. (51kb) Very elegant! (53kb)
Likewise... (42kb) Mudgha and partner. (44kb) The Finnish couple. (40kb)
The dance floor heats up... (60kb) More dance floor action. (54kb) Robyn tells Paul what to do... (52kb)
These glasses were a hit all right (can't imagine why though!). (28kb) Now *there's* a mask! (37kb) Looks good on anyone! (39kb)
You can't have too many glasses... (48kb) Those glasses again... (50kb) Claire and Vanessa (wisely) decline the glasses for their photo. (48kb)
Eija keeps an eye on things. (56kb) Whoo-wee. (54kb) Chris (maybe). (28kb)
Now, *that* is an outfit! (37kb)