We headed out into the Blue Mountains for a gentle day walk in April 2005 - from Narrowneck peninsula near Katoomba out to the Ruined Castle and Mt Solitary. You can see them above - Mt Solitary is the big broad lump right in the middle - the Ruined Castle is the small lump about 3/4 of the way over (above the "S"), and Narrowneck is the bit on the right. This was the first introduction for our new Austrian postdoc Roland to the Australian bush - i think he was expecting more platypus...

Although overcast, it was a nice day for it and a pleasant time was had by all. Highlights would be the great rock formations at the Ruined Castle, an awesome lunch spot at the far end of Mt Solitary, and the *enormous* leech that Jacqui plucked off Joel's back before it sunk its sucker into his neck...

[click thumbnail to view a larger version of each picture with caption]
Great ferny glades as we walk along underneath Narrowneck Peninsula. (161kb) Local flora. (66kb) A view of Mt Solitary through the trees - that's where we're headed. (131kb)
Molly, Jason and Morgan heading down the trail. (135kb) Jacqui and Ann heading *up* the trail. (141kb) Squeezing up between some rocks. (116kb)
A view back from the Ruined Castle to Narrowneck - that's where we came from. (74kb) Wavy rocks on the Ruined Castle. (88kb) A view of the main plateau in the Blue Mountains - where Katoomba et al. lie. (47kb)
More interesting rocks. (126kb) Jacqui clears a rise. (86kb) That's where we are heading back for - Narrowneck. (109kb)
A rock. (97kb) A view. (131kb) An Ann. (59kb)
A sister (and two more). (39kb)